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Plugin Hsk Agency, Hsk Projects and Hsk Talents

  • Dear,

    where do I find these three plugins: Hsk Agency, Hsk Projects and Hsk Talents ?

    Thank you


    This plugin available with theme only.When you are activated theme, in admin panel top position it shows to install and activate plugins.

    You can click on that it will install and activate .


    I’ve never seen a more chaotic theme than this, you have to configure it to 90%, I think I’ll write an email a day.

    How should I select the Talent profile N.2?

    How should I do to have the page grid like this ( with images of the same size.

    It’s been 4 hours since I’ve tried to change but it’s a disaster.

    Thank you

    Hi, sorry actually I am out of station.

    Please goto admin dashboard

    Appearance > customize > talent section

    You can find layout styles here.

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