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Frontend talent posting and user roles

  • Hi,

    I’m almost ready to launch my site but I have a few issues that I cant sort out.

    1. When someone registers, the only role option available is user but I would like options like agency owner, parent of model etc

    2. When a user is logged in and they go to add a new profile, there are only a few things that they can edit. It doesnt show the full list of uploading an image, adding the height of model etc and at the bottom says ‘submit for review’

    3. When they click dashboard, it takes them to an error page saying ‘You must log in to access the admin area.’ they can only see their own profile…

    I believe these are an easy fix but i just cant figure out how and where to do it

    Please help

    Hi, can you please provide your wp admin access details.

    Email sent, thanks

    Ok. Thank you

    You need to create the roles from the below link as your requirement.

    After role created give the role access permissions to create/edit the users.

    After that open register page from pages and enable the roles to display front end registration form.

    Please check the belief link.

    The below link you can change the registration/loving page settings. Just now I have changed the login redirection please check once

    Hi, thanks for the help, that seemed to work but I still have a few issues…

    I tried adding my own role called Agency and to give them access to make an agency or create project/castings and when i added it, clicked the relevant permissions then added it to the registration page but still doesnt work.

    The option is there to choose parent or agency on the registration form and the parent side works, when i log in with a parent, they have access to create a model profile.

    When i register with the agency and log in, i cant do anything and i need them to be able to create an agency or create a casting.

    I also need to add another role called Production Company with the same access as the Agency role (if you could create that I would be most grateful)

    Also, the log in button on the top of my site has now gone so after they register, there is no button to press to log in.

    Thanks in advance




    Could you please send roles list what you need?

    I need
    Parent – To be able to create a model profile (which you have done already)
    Model – To be able to create a model profile
    Agency – To be able to create an agency profile and also post castings
    Production Company – To be able to create an agency profile and also post castings

    And to add the log in button in the header again if possible 🙂

    Thanks again

    We have updated the roles as your requirement, please check it once.


    I created a profile with the agency role but when going to the profile, it wouldnt let me add an agency.

    The same with model role, I cant create a model profile

    The same with production company role

    Any ideas?

    can you send the screenshot, please?

    Hi, when i created an agency account, i logged in and clicked to create an agency profile and it took me to a page that said you must log in to access the admin area because it wanted to take me to this url

    It let me add a casting as it took me to

    It is the same for the production company role also…

    I will email you screen shots now


    did you change any wordpress “wp-admin” admin url? just now i have checked it shows link “/axpz/”

    Below link your wp-admin access

    Hi guys,

    I have been testing the site since you helped sort it out but…

    I created a profile, checked the roles and everything worked perfectly, but when i went to log out of that account, the button wanted to take me to this url

    Any ideas?

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