Hi, thanks for the help, that seemed to work but I still have a few issues…

I tried adding my own role called Agency and to give them access to make an agency or create project/castings and when i added it, clicked the relevant permissions then added it to the registration page but still doesnt work.

The option is there to choose parent or agency on the registration form and the parent side works, when i log in with a parent, they have access to create a model profile.

When i register with the agency and log in, i cant do anything and i need them to be able to create an agency or create a casting.

I also need to add another role called Production Company with the same access as the Agency role (if you could create that I would be most grateful)

Also, the log in button on the top of my site has now gone so after they register, there is no button to press to log in.

Thanks in advance