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  • Ok I am still having problems.

    1. Normal users are not automatically being assigned to the Subscribers group, even though my settings indicate the New User Default Role as “Subscriber.” I have to manually assign users to the Subscribers group.

    2. After I do that they are able to add a talent profile, but they cannot choose the Models or Photographers option, it’s just a blank field.

    Please test by registering for an account.

    Ok thank you but a normal user (subscriber) still can’t access the dashboard?

    Also, I created a link that says “Add Talent” and I still get “you don’t have permission to access this page”

    I do not see an option for that.

    here is my website:

    Yes it is working now, can you tell me how you fixed it?

    I don’t have access to FTP but username and password to WP site is


    the demo didn’t import, after the error nothing happens.

    username: everett
    pw: r&u63ntooX3$31f(VND7cd!K