Talent auto and direct subscription

  • Hello
    I bought the template “ssagency” to organize a contest for “the best entrepreneur”.

    Your theme looks very powerful with a lot of features.
    My project is simpler … but it’s not easy to simplify the model 😉

    I have only one type of talent that I call “candidate”
    I want a candidate to register and fill out their profile …

    But with the current form, it can only choose from the list of “classic” user types (admin, user, subscriber, publisher …).

    How can I limit the choice to 2 values ​​(candidate or voter) without the standard types.

    Second question: when I test the form, the email contains inconsistent characters instead of French accents … This is a problem.

    In advance, thank you for your solutions or suggestions.



    1.you can create your custom role from the “Users > roles > Add Role”.

    2. Could yoli please send the screen shot at sitesspark@gmail.com

    We will always guide you.

    Thank you.

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