Issue with Talent Form Fields

  • If I use the paragraph Text Area option and I put an url here it breaks the anchor tag on the talent thumbnail so when viewing on talent page you cant click to view the talent.

    I tried the Wysiwyg option but that does not appear on the talent thumbnail/profile pic when viewing talents on talent page (not on single page but on the page you see all the talents and their thumbnails)

    I figured it out, this is not an issue my mistake.

    Curious if we can have the enquiry/book now form on the talent pages go to a talent option like email?

    Sorry, i am not clear about you issue?

    On the individual model pages at the top there is a Enquiry button that brings up a form, the form goes to a preset email like admin, is there a way to make it go to that individual model email?

    Sorry, no option like that individual model email option. but will add the option in feature to receive mails model or admin.

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